CSA Week Fourteen

Thank goodness for that lovely rain on Friday!  It may be too little, too late for some of the crops, but it was definitely a welcome drink for others. We could almost watch some of the plants perk up throughout the rainy morning.

It may look like there’s a big messy bush in your CSA share this week, but we promise that there’s a great snack hiding in there. Edamame is the name for young soybeans. Pluck the pods off the stalks as soon as you get home and boil them up in salted water for about five minutes, or until the pods are uniformly bright green.  Pop the beans out of the pods (don’t try to eat the furry pods!) and enjoy.

If you are a chicken CSA member, this week is your third and final delivery. If you know that you will not be at your pick-up, please let me know and we will keep your chicken frozen at the farm.

Last week I said we would start having 10 pound bags of tomato seconds to purchase, but the tomatoes have been so pretty that few have made it to the seconds table! We promise to set aside any bags for purchase that we can put together, but it may be a while before we can get to everyone.

The Hungarian Hot Wax peppers in this week’s share are actually quite mild. The more red your pepper is, the more of a kick it has, but regardless they are pretty tame. We know that some of you love tomatillos, so you can continue to find them on the seconds/extras table even if they’re not “officially” in the CSA share this week.  There’s just only so much room on the CSA table!

There are still a number of spaces available in the fall CSA that will begin the first week of October. The fall share ($125) is six weeks of seasonal veggies and will include salad greens from the greenhouses, root crops such as beets and carrots, winter squash, cooking greens, cabbage and more. You can also still sign up for most of the add-on fall CSA shares (including grain, milk, cheese, mushrooms, and oil & vinegar). Click here or visit our website to access your account and sign up. 

Let me know if you have any questions. Have a great week, enjoy the start of some beautiful fall weather, and have fun cooking!

Reba and the HCF crew

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