Fall CSA Week Five

Second-to-last week of the fall CSA! We’re still definitely enjoying the fall bounty on the farm. Our first harvest of daikon radishes really blew our mind this week — try not to be intimidated by the size and give it a try!

If you’re worried that the end of fresh veggies is in sight, here are a couple ways to keep enjoying your HCF veggies through the winter!

  • Free gleaning for greens to put by! On the hill directly across from the big barn, above the greenhouses, we have a planting of kale that we are no longer harvesting from. Feel free to come by and harvest a big bag or two of greens to blanche and freeze.  Call or text Reba with any questions (712-7382).
  • Bulk bags of Garlic, Onions, Shallots, Winter Squash and Carrots are finally for sale! Every CSA pickup will have a selection of bulk items available this week and next. If you don’t see what you want please make an arrangement to come by the farm and get it, until we are out. Prices are the following: Red Onions 25 lbs for $35; Shallots 5 lbs for $25; Carrots 20 lbs for $30; Garlic 5 lbs for $40, Winter Squash 20 lbs for $25.

Please fill out the CSA survey (tinyurl.com/csasurvey2015) if you haven’t done so already, and we hope you have a great  week full of roasted and fermented veggies! 

Reba and the HCF crew  

Fall CSA Week 5 of 6: Carrots, Daikon Radish, Napa Cabbage, Mesclun Mix, Onion, Garlic, Kale, Carnival Winter Squash, Beets  

Fall Week 5 Add-ons: Grain, Eggs, Fiore, Mushrooms, Cheese, Milk  

This week’s recipes: Easy Daikon Salad, How to Make Easy Kimchi

Grain CSA Newsetter Fall Week Three

Cheese CSA Fall Week Five

Click here for a picture of apprentice Lindsey at her pond cabin!