Summer CSA Week Three

One of our favorite seasonal treats has arrived: garlic scapes! Scapes are the flower spike of the garlic plant. We snap them off for two reasons: so that the garlic plant will put more energy into growing the garlic bulb and less into growing the flower, and so we can enjoy the beauty and deliciousness that is the scape! We chop them up and use scapes in place of garlic cloves in any recipe, but my favorite way to eat them is to slowly sauté them until they look like wrinkly, tender, almost caramelized green beans. They’re so, so good.

This week was definitely an improvement over last week! Our apprentice Janna had to step away from the farm while she heals her wrists from carpal tunnel, but the crew is working hard to keep up the pace. ‘Tis the season for lots and lots of weeding, and they’re facing it with good cheer.

As you all know, I put the list of veggies that you get each week into the newsletter, but with this extremely dry weather the crops have been maturing in fits and spurts. So you’ll notice now that the weekly veggie list will include certain veggies listed within brackets. That is because we want to give all the farm’s veggies out every week, even if it we sometimes won’t have enough of certain crops to reach everyone that week. The items in brackets are the ones that probably won’t get to every delivery day.  Don’t worry, every pick-up day will get that veggie eventually (I keep track to make sure everything stays fair and even!). For example, if you don’t get sugar snap peas this week, you’ll get them next week. But this way, when you look at the list you’ll know what will definitely be in your share, and then it’ll be a pleasant surprise to see what you will get from the bracketed group.

If you get a milk or cheese share, please remember to return your jar and cheese bags weekly. And if you missed your chicken last week, please let me know. We have a couple chickens left over and we want to get them out to their owners asap!

Have a great week, and thanks for all your words of support after our rough spell last week. Now if we can all just do a little rain dance and get some moisture into the soil, we’ll be golden!

Enjoy your veggies,

Reba and the HCF crew

Summer CSA Week 3 of 16:  Mesclun or Lettuce Mix, Arugula, Napa or Green Cabbage, Kale, Garlic Scapes, [Gailon Broccoli, Dill, Sugar Snap Peas, Fennel, Bok Choy]  

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