CSA Week Five

As I write this I can hear the beautiful patter of rain outside in the dark. It’s good news for the still-parched soil. But what a week of weather! In July it’s normal to feel like you’re melting while weeding and bringing in hay. But to go from that to wearing a wool hat and layers of fleece during Thursday’s harvest? Crazy.

We’re excited to begin the cucumber and summer squash harvest this week. These harvests will start off slow as the plants continue to grow, but they will increase every week if we can keep the deer away! It’s time for Rye to learn his real job on the farm: not to bark ferociously at members (while wagging his tail), but to scare off the deer.  Sadly, so far he seems to prefer snoozing to stopping early morning deer raids. 

At each pick-up we will have boxes of surveys for members to fill out. These are not surveys from the farm, they are from the University of Deleware. We have to encourage all of our members to fill out these surveys as part of the grant we receive to help low-income members (who use EBT) receive matching funds to pay for their share. If you are able to stop and spend a couple minutes filling out the survey (regardless of how you pay for your CSA share), it would be appreciated.

Chicken shares will be distributed next week (Week 6) instead of this week. And remember if you are interested in attending the on-farm tomato and salsa  preservation workshop on August 31, click here to register.

The crew deserves a shout of recognition for their epic battle to rid the approximately 20,000 onions of weeds. They’ve taken it on in the rain and shine and despite searing heat and horseflies, and they’re only a few rows away from being done. They’re proven themselves to be a hardworking, uncomplaining and resilient crew!

There are some weeks when growing vegetables seems a tremendous escape from the struggle for justice and peace. In many ways we’ve created a little bubble on the farm—much less in Midcoast Maine — and it can be shocking when the pain of the outside world arrives on our doorstep via the radio or the computer or the experiences of those in our community. One thing that was helpful for me to read today was the article ‘The Conversation We Must Have With our White Children.” In our relatively homogeneous community it at least helped give me a framework to have these conversations with my children. I’m linking to it here in case it can be helpful to any other parent out there.

Feed your loved ones well, and enjoy your time together over your meals. You’re feeding your soul and your community, one carrot at a time.

Reba and Bill

Veggies Week 5 of 16:  Salad Mix, Basil, Baby Carrots w/greens, Kale, Parsley, Scallions, [Cucumber, Summer Squash, Lettuce Head, Garlic Scapes]  

This week’s recipes: Honey Glazed Baby Carrots, Scallion and Cheese Bread, Kale Chips

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