CSA Week Six

We’re in the midst of what we’ve learned to call the veggie mid-summer doldrums. This year it’s more challenging than usual, due to the early summer lack of rain. There are so many crops about to come on; we picked the first tomatoes this week, the eggplant are just starting, and if we can keep the deer away from the green beans we’ll be swimming in them soon. But right now, I’m worried that more members are thinking to themselves the same thing that I heard from a new CSA member this week, concerned about the value of her share. All I can say is that by the end of the season, if past years are a gauge, we believe that every one of you will feel like you’ve received more than your value for your share. We’re planting and weeding and are doing everything we can for you to experience a bounty. Remember that the best way to get the most value from your share is by coming to your pick-up time, because the extras table will usually allow you to add to your share significantly at this time of year.

We’re excited to bring you the first of the new garlic this week. There’s nothing like the crispiness and sharp flavor of new garlic. Use it just as you would use regular garlic bulbs, still peeling the outside layer of each clove even though it will look a little different than usual. We’ll probably have the big garlic harvest the week of July 25th, and we welcome everyone and anyone out to the farm to be a part of it. It’s a full day event and there’s a job for everyone, whether you come for one hour or eight. It’ll probably be Wednesday the 27th or Friday the 29th, so stay tuned for specifics as the date approaches.

This is a chicken CSA week, and if you are not able to make your pick-up we’ll bring your frozen chicken back to the farm. Just get in touch with me to make arrangements to pick it up. The flower CSA will begin the week of July 24th.

Finally, calling all cat lovers out there. We’ve learned that one of our newly adopted barn cats, the adorable and snuggle-loving Peanut Mustachio Storm (Storm, or PMS, for short) is not really cut out to be a farm cat. Unlike the other new barn cats who are thriving in their new-found freedom climbing hay bales and stalking field mice, Storm has lost weight and now weighs under 5 lbs. Apprentice Abby is doting on her and the vet put her on a daily steroid pill (which Abby says Storm accepts with relative grace). But if you might be interested in adopting an adorable little cat with potential medical issues, let us know. We’re worried if she has to go back to the shelter she might continue to get overlooked. But she is a sweet and cuddly little peanut, and we would love to find her a loving home before fall arrives.

Enjoy your meals, and please be in touch with any questions or concerns! And click here to see proof that not everyone works hard on the farm…

Reba, Bill & the HCF crew

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