Summer CSA Week Four

Another busy, busy farm week has come and gone. We’re starting to enter the season of intense weeding — otherwise known as July — and the crew is bringing their usual positive attitudes to it despite our forewarning about the monotony they will face. We know that finding a rhythm and satisfaction, if not always pleasure, in the most tedious and tiring farm tasks is part of learning about farming. But still, it can be an exhausting path many days, and we know and appreciate the effort that our apprentices put into having a positive attitude about it all.

The Fourth of July is a regular day on the farm, and I will be making the Pen Bay Hospital delivery as usual. I suspect that more people than usual may miss their regular pick-up this week, and if you’re able to let me know in advance it would help me out a bit with pre-packing shares. Regardless, if you miss your pickup your shares will get packed and set aside as usual. And since it is a chicken share delivery week, please especially let me know if you plan to pick up at a different time. Your chicken will be stored in the farm freezers in the pick-up shed, but I need to know if you’ve come by.

This week we’re really seeing the delayed impact of this year’s cold, wet spring. Many crops that should be starting to produce around this time died altogether under the onslaught of May’s cold temps. Other strange things have happened in the field; we very rarely see cabbage “bolt” (put out a seed head), but this year the cabbage seedlings clearly thought that winter had arrived at in May and it was time for a Hail Mary attempt to get their seed out in the world. Other seedlings (sugar snap peas, for example) died altogether, stressed by the weather and then chomped up by the caterpillars that thrive in cold spring conditions. We know that the full bounty of summer will reach us before long, and at some point the concern will be more that members will feel overwhelmed by the quantity of veggies. But for now, we’re in the traditional late June/early July holding pattern — enjoy it, but also know that more is on the way.

We’ve heard from members who love to cook with fresh herbs and wish they had more access to them, so this week we’re putting either an oregano, dill or thyme bunch in your share. Annual herbs such as basil, parsley, cilantro, and more dill will make frequent appearances later in the season. If you receive oregano or thyme and don’t plan on using it right away, hang it up in a dry and well-ventilated area and then store the dried leaves in a jar for use in fall pasta sauce and pizza (oregano) or in soups and sauces (thyme).

For chicken CSA members: this week is your first chicken CSA delivery week (unless you make other arrangements to pick up at an alternate time at the farm). Next week… the first honey delivery!

Have a wonderful holiday week! 

~ Reba    

Summer CSA Week 4 of 16: Gailon/florets/traditional Broccoli, Swiss Chard, Lettuce Mix, Red or Green Cabbage, Herb bunch (oregano, dill, or thyme), [baby Fennel or Beets]

Summer Week Four Add-ons: Chicken, Milk, Bread, Tofu, Cheese, Mushrooms, Oil & Vinegar  

This Week’s Recipes: Orzo with Garbanzo Beans and Oregano, Penne with Fennel, Tomato Sauce, and Blue Cheese, Toasted Sesame Slaw

Summer Week Four Cheese Notes, Fiore Notes