Summer CSA Week Seven

Lots of news this week! Blueberries to sign up for, garlic harvest to put on the calendar, and veggies to get excited about. 

Bill is doing a bit better every day — while he still isn’t able to do farm work, he is able to plug back into the farm planning and decision-making more and more. In some ways we’re moving into a stage that might be even more challenging than before, as we try to protect Bill’s injured back while slowly incorporating him fully back into the farm work. And our formerly very clear delineation of roles — Reba in charge of harvest and delivery, Bill in charge of field work — has completely changed, of course. In many ways it has us thinking about how we decide who does what roles, though, and we’ll see how that shifts things in the future. 

We can taste high summer approaching when Red House Farm lets us know that it’s time to place our order for fresh, organic wild blueberries. The Red House Farm berries are expertly harvested and winnowed by our friends Amy and Bill Hinkley, and the berries are always amazingly fresh and clean. They’ll sell out quickly! The cost is $40 for a 10-pound box, and during this initial sign-up please don’t sign up for more than one box. If more become available I’ll certainly let everyone know. Payment should be made on the day you get your berries, with cash or checks made out to HCF. Members with EBT can pay with their cards. I can’t wait for the berries — our family freezes most of them immediately and we use them in smoothies, in lunchboxes (my kids love to get a small jar filled with frozen blueberries) and in baked treats all winter long. Enter your name and email next to any open space under your chosen date (August 5, 6, 7, or 9) on this spreadsheet. If you want to be on the wait list for more berries, put your name on the separate ‘additional boxes’ list on the same spreadsheet. 

The highlight of the week on the farm was definitely the first ever HCF Farm Olympics that CJ organized and produced on Friday evening. The events included Speed Lettuce Bagging, Hay Bale Obstacle Course Racing, Tractor-Mower-Hay Cart Hookup, and Agricultural Poem (we had to make sure there was an event Bill could participate in. His poem was titled ‘Cookie’ and he won the gold). Check out the pictures

Save the date for the big garlic harvest day! If the weather is right (dry and clear), we’ll be having our all-hands-on-deck harvest on Wednesday, August 1st. Since we won’t have Bill up on the third floor barn like usual, hauling garlic in off the pulley, we’re coming up with some shortcuts to try and make the day go a little faster. But as always, there will be a role for everyone — harvesting garlic in the field, bunching garlic to hang, hauling garlic up with the pulley to whoever takes over Bill’s role on the third floor, and hanging the bunches to cure. We’ll be starting at 7am and going all day, and even if you just show up for an hour your contribution will be meaningful! 

Have a great week, and we’ll see you soon!

Reba and the HCF crew

Summer CSA Veggies (selection of the following): Zucchini and/or Zephyr Squash, Cucumber, Scallions or Onion, Cilantro or Dill or Basil, Fresh Garlic, Kale or Chard, Cabbage or Green Beans, Arugula or Lettuce Mix or Head, (Cherry) Tomatoes or Eggplant

Week Seven Add-on Shares: Milk, Yogurt, Ferments, Tofu, Cheese Egg, Mushroom, Oil & Vinegar  

This week’s recipes: Zucchini Parmesan CrispsSwiss Chard Pie

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