Fall CSA Week Three

We had a bit of an adventure last Sunday, on our way back to the farm from the CSA delivery in Rockland. Joshua and I were rattling down the road in the extremely loud delivery truck, and we paused at the red light in Thomaston, chatting away. All of a sudden, the engine made a loud ‘chu-chunk’ — and the truck went dead. Attempts to turn the engine back on were met with no success, and as the light went green, we realized that we were about to cause a tremendous Route One traffic jam. We jumped out of the truck, called our friends who live down the road for more muscle power, and immediately started pushing. The Thomaston cops happened by and joined in, and with Joshua’s stellar steering-while-pushing skills, we got the truck down the road and into the post office lot. All ended well — Bill arrived with the minivan and the remaining veggies got transferred and went back to the walk-in at the farm. And I couldn’t believe our luck — if it had to happen, we were so lucky to break down after the CSA delivery, rather than before. So lucky that it wasn’t the middle of August, and therefore the traffic jam we created didn’t stretch all the way back to Rockland. So lucky that it was a relatively quick and inexpensive fix and that by this afternoon, the truck was parked back at the farm with Sunday’s veggies safely tucked away inside.

We’re expecting the first hard frost of the year on Saturday night, but many of our crops will keep on growing (if a little more slowly). If the weather is looking good next weekend, everyone is welcomed out to the farm on Saturday afternoon, October 20, starting at 1pm. We’ll have tables set out for the usual amazing potluck that comes together as if by magic. Bring your cup/plate/cutlery, any apples that you’d like to press into cider, a chair or blanket to sit on, and limber up your fingers to pop apart garlic bulbs! If the weather doesn’t look good on Saturday, we’ll send out an email with a rain date. There will be cows to visit, winter squash and garlic to buy for winter storage, and good company!

If you want to start to ‘put by’ some of the greens in the fall share, check out the recipe in this newsletter. You’ll thank yourself in January!

Have a great weekend, and we hope to see you next Saturday!

Reba and Bill

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