Fall Week Four

Did anyone else feel positively buffeted by the wind this week? All it took was a couple of days of working in the gusts for me to feel completely discombobulated! The combo of the high winds and dry air meant that a lot of crops got hit harder by the cold nights than we would have expected. So no salad greens this week, sadly. Hopefully they’ll be back next week, if they have a chance to recover. The biggest casualty of the wind, though, was the huge, ancient apple tree in the pasture behind our barn. It was the largest apple tree I’d ever had the pleasure of knowing, and Bill is convinced that when it came down in the middle of the night he felt it shake the house, hundreds of yards away.

We had a lovely, sunny, (and yes, windy) potluck at the farm on Saturday afternoon. Thirty gallons of garlic cloves now await planting — if you want to come out and join in the planting this coming week, you’re more than welcome! It was a smaller crowd than usual, but we enjoyed delicious food, lovely company, and popped the garlic in record time. Thanks to all who make it out!

If you’d like to have a larger amount of garlic to store for winter, we’ll have 5 lb bags of garlic for $40 available at pick-up. This week is also the fall pork delivery, so if you have a pork share and you won’t be at your pick-up, please let me know ahead of time so I can keep it in the farm chest freezer.

Have a wonderful week, and we hope you enjoy your fall meals!

Reba and Bill

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