CSA Week 13

It’s not the return to school routines, the soccer games, or the orange pumpkins in the field that let us know that fall is here. For us, the biggest sign that fall is coming is that 1) melons are finally ready (!) and 2) we start to close the greenhouses at night again. I’m sure that we’ll have a return to warm nights before summer fully bids us farewell, but this gorgeous Labor Day weekend was a great start to fall – if a bit premature. The tomatoes will start slowing down, for sure, but we’ll still enjoy them for weeks to come. If you want to put your name on a list for 20 lb boxes of canning tomatoes ($35), let me know and I’ll try to make as many available as possible.

The monarchs this year have been amazing — the chrysalises are not only on the milkweed but we have tomatoes, branches and shingles with the gorgeous green and golden stowaways all over the farm. Inside our house a similar transformation has been underway, with CJ pulling down wallpaper and painting her room as a prelude to 5th grade. So regardless of where we are it feels like we’re stepping over paint cans or tomato crates, chrysalises or boxes of precious husk cherries. Fall is a busy time of both new beginnings and things coming to fruition around here.

We are down to our final fabulous apprentice, Thea, who will be with us through the end of the season, in addition to our employees Christina and Becky. If anyone likes participating in the harvest and wants to join for any part of Monday or Thursday harvest days this fall, feel free to get in touch (via text the night before is sufficient planning ahead) and join in! We take volunteers with as little as two hours available, if you want to get your hands in the dirt and your mind in the field. Also, if anyone is interested in being a regular or periodic volunteer at the CSA pickups on Tuesday or Thursday, let me know! We’d love to talk through the details and provide you with extra veggies and meat in return.

We have beef available for sale — ground and/or stew, 10 lbs for $70 or 20 lbs for $130. I can put together an order and bring to any CSA pickup — just let me know!

Tulsi (or ‘Holy Basil’) will be in the seconds/extras area at each delivery this week. Tulsi is a medicinal herb often used in Ayurvedic healing, and in that tradition is considered an adaptogen that promotes longevity. Bring a couple branches home and try making a tea with the leaves and/or flowers!

Have a great week, and good luck with your melon choice — the range of sizes seems especially unfair this year, as some people will get a tiny melon and some people will get a huge melon. But in order for each family to get a melon we have to hand out every last one, babies included. In addition, it’s always a mystery what will be inside each gorgeous orb, and often seems nothing to do with size. While I had one of the best melons of my life in the field this morning, there are always duds as well… and no way of knowing until you crack it open. We hope everyone has a delicious melon and doesn’t hold it against us if not!

Have a great week, be in touch with any questions, and see you soon!

Reba and Bill

CSA Vegetables Week Thirteen: Zucchini/Zephyr/Patty Pan Summer Squash, Big Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Basil or Parsley or Celery, Lettuce Mix, Eggplant or Carrots, Chard, Watermelon, Green or Red Peppers, Garlic, Onion, Tomatillos, Husk Cherries

Add-ons Week 13: Milk, Cheese, Bread, Mushrooms, Oil & Vinegar, Yogurt, Ferment, Tofu, Eggs

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