2020 Vegetable CSA

The 2020 Vegetable CSA is currently sold out. If you would like to be on the wait list, please click here. If you are already a veggie CSA member and wish to add any of the add-on shares, you can do so via your account online or by sending an email to info@hatchetcovefarm.com. Thank you! 

Hatchet Cove Farm’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program is a great way to receive farm-fresh, delicious, organic vegetables at a great value. When you become a CSA member (by buying a ‘share’ in the farm for the season) we become your farmers, and Hatchet Cove Farm becomes your farm. As a member you receive a weekly selection of between six and thirteen types of vegetables. In addition you have access to additional free veggies, can sign up for amazing add-on shares from other local producers, and are part of an enthusiastic and knowledgeable farm community.

How it Works. When you purchase a CSA share you help support our farm by paying up front for your veggies in the spring (or in installments throughout the spring and summer – also payable with EBT benefits). That helps us pay for seed and cover the expenses of starting up the farm for the season. In return, you get a weekly selection of all that is available on the farm. This means you are eating the freshest, most delicious seasonal veggies possible. Click here for details on cost and here for pick-up locations and more.

Risk and Bounty. When you are a CSA member you share in the both the risks and the bounty of the farm. For example, if you love broccoli and it is a great year for broccoli, you might receive it for a number of weeks in a row, enough to eat your fill and still put some by some for the winter. If it is a tough year for broccoli, though, (due to weather, pests, etc.) you might only get to enjoy it once that season. We work very hard at growing a wide variety of veggies, and every year have provided more veggies to our members than the same amount of money would have bought at farmer’s market. In addition, our veggies are some of the cleanest, most beautiful veggies available anywhere!

Free Extras! In addition to the weekly share, CSA members are encouraged to take additional free vegetables from the ‘Extras and Seconds’ table, as well as take advantage of occasional free pick-your-own opportunities on the farm. In addition, we periodically sell storage and canning vegetables in bulk quantities at discount prices to our members. Our goal is to get as much healthy organic food onto the plates of our members as possible.

What We Grow. To see an example of the veggies you might receive in a week, at the bottom of each of our archived newsletters there is a list of what was in any given week’s share.  Click on any newsletter posting to see what a average week might include. We grow Mesclun (Salad) Mix, Baby Spinach, Arugula, Lettuce Heads, Beets, Kale, Swiss Chard, Broccoli, Cabbage (napa, red and green), Scallions, Sugar Snap Peas, Radishes, Basil, Carrots, Cauliflower, Potatoes, Bell Peppers, Zucchini and Summer Squash, Green Beans, Garlic, Slicing and Cherry Tomatoes, Boc Choy, Turnip, Rutabaga, Winter Squash, Onions, Kohlrabi, Cilantro, Celery, Sweet Corn, Edamame, Dry Beans, Celeriac, Fennel, Shallots, and more! The summer share generally offers between six and twelve different items per week, depending on the point in the season. The spring greens share offers between four and six items weekly, and the fall share generally offers between eight and thirteen items weekly.

Members receive a weekly letter full of news from the farm and recipes and are welcome at the farm for visits, to volunteer, and at our annual fall garlic-planting party. In 2020 we are offering a single 22-week CSA (June-November).

Hatchet Cove Farm is a member of the Wholesome Wave National Nutrition Incentive Program Network.