Fields of Broccoli!

We hope everyone enjoyed their first week of veggies, and created some wonderful meals!  It was a busy week on the farm, with seeding and weeding both still at a peak of activity.  Broccoli is coming in by the bucketful,  which is always exciting.  The Brunswick Times Record even called to interview us on how we have such early broccoli!       

We saw a large portion of our sheep flock go off to the livestock auction this week, which was sad.  It’s hard for sheep to be a profitable element of the farm, and then when they start getting out of their fence and getting into the vegetable fields… we finally decided we had to winnow the flock down for a while.  We kept five, though, and hope to be able to figure out how to keep them as part of the farm for a long time to come.  Now we just have to convince Bill that it’s time for a milking cow! 

The sugar snap peas are almost ready for picking, and the beets are coming along well, so you can look forward to both of those in your shares soon. 

Enjoy your veggies, and please be in touch if you have any questions!

– Reba, Bill, Sara, Anna, & Eli

 Week 2 veggies: Collard Greens,  Mesclun Mix, Broccoli, Kohlrabi        



One response to “Fields of Broccoli!

  1. The broccoli is wonderful. I have decided to steam the whole heads upright to keep them as crisp/cooked as possible. Also, the Swiss chard was fun for using in a quiche (the stems) and the leaves steamed separately with balsamic vinegar added after cooking. We have always loved the salad mix. We eat it almost every night!

    Alana VanDerwerker

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