Kohlrabi & Garlic Scapes: Strange looking but delicious!

We look forward all year long to the week that garlic scapes are ready to harvest.  A once-a-season opportunity, scapes are the flower of the garlic plant.  We cut them off so that the plant will put more energy into the garlic bulb and less into the flower, and the side benefit is that scapes are one of the most delicious treats on the farm.  Chop it up and use it in any recipe like you would garlic cloves, or follow the simple and delicious recipe below.

The thing that looks somewhat like a UFO is the kohlrabi.  Kohlrabi is a member of the same family as cabbage and broccoli, but tastes more like an amalgamation of radish, apple, and cucumber.  This size kohlrabi should be peeled and then can be crunched into raw or ‘quick pickled’ with the recipe below.  Either way, kohlrabi are a crunchy treat.

Other news from the farm:  we have a fabulous pair of WWOOFers (Worldwide Workers On Organic Farms), Brooke and Adam, volunteering with us for two weeks. Reba’s cousin Rachel has also been helping out with everything from weeding to baby care to providing us with gourmet farm-based meals.  We feel so very lucky to have such an amazing group of people working with us on the farm this year!

Things to look forward to: the flowers are on the potato plants, which means that new potatoes will soon be ready!

Have a great week,

Reba and the HCF crew

Our friends and CSA members Mike and Julie Rogers run daily and charter sails out of Rockland on the Bugeye Schooner Jenny Norman.  We highly recommend their sails for anyone looking to get out on the water with friends and visitors this summer!  Their website is www.sailmainebugeye.com and their number is 207-542-3695.

Week 3 veggies:  Garlic Scapes, Kohlrabi, Lettuce Head, Mesclun Mix, Redbor Kale, Broccoli

 This week’s recipes:  Simple and Delicious Garlic Scapes, Quick Pickle Kohlrabi, Toasted Sesame Greens


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