CSA Newsletter Week Two

What a wonderful week we just had! It was so great to see all of our old friends and meet so many new members. And now it feels like we’ve jumped right into summer. Picking peas and weeding were two of the top tasks this week. Your organic sweet potato slips arrived in the mail and they’re busy sucking up water and getting ready to be transplanted. Sadly, our ginger seed supplier experienced a crop failure so ginger is not to be in 2013, but I’m already making plans for it in 2014. The corn that the crew transplanted last month is looking great, and the tomatoes are thriving in the hoophouses. Things are really growing!

In addition to our regular awesome crew, one of our 2012 apprentices—Faith— is visiting for the week and will likely come to many of the CSA pick-ups. Patrick, Reanna, Ben and Corinne will continue to rotate through the pick-ups and meet many of you.

Our ducks have had a difficult couple of weeks on the farm. We’ve lost ten of them over the past month. To what predator, we’re not exactly sure, but we suspect a weasel or a fisher (though it’s still just an guess). Only one duck is left from our original comedic troupe of Khaki Campbells and I feel so sad for him. He befriended the meat ducks but now even four of them have gone missing. The meat and layer chickens have been untouched, so whatever it is really has a taste for duck. We’re trying a new strategy for safety every night, and I’ll let you know how this week goes.

Remember that you are always welcome to add additional shares (of any sort) at any point (assuming there is still availability). The cost of the share is pro-rated. Just send me an email if you wish to do so.

When planning our harvest this week I imagined cookouts with crisp lettuce leaves on burgers, sugar snap peas as a snack while grilling, and a fresh slaw from the baby cabbage. Whether you do that or something else with your veggies, have wonderful meals and enjoy!

Reba and the HCF crew

Veggies Week 2 of 18: Spinach, Cabbage, Swiss Chard, Lettuce Head, Sugar Snap Peas or Radishes

This week’s recipes: Swiss Chard Pie, Toasted Sesame Slaw

This week’s Appleton Creamery Cheese share information, click here


Pea Picking! Sugar snap peas are one of those things where there is both never enough of (cause everyone always wants more peas!) and too much of (cause there’s nothing quite so slow-going as pea picking!). But we’re excited they’re here and the crew is doing a great job keeping up with them.


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