Late winter news from the farm

Today has got to be winter’s last hurrah, right?  The seeds are started, the greenhouse is warm, the apprentices will be arriving soon… spring WILL be here soon, gosh darn it!

Yesterday Bill carefully swaddled the tomato seedlings that he had started in the house, cradled them 20 feet into the waiting heated car, drove them 200 feet down the driveway, and spirited them into the warm greenhouse, before transplanting them one by one into individual pots.  Anything to keep his babies warm, sheltered and thriving!  Hopefully this means that we’ll have some earlier-than-usual tomatoes for the CSA this year.  We had an anxious moment when one of the greenhouse heaters stopped working on Tuesday, but we got everything up and running by the time the chill winds hit last night.  Bill also spoke at the Climate Solutions conference in Augusta on Wednesday, and Reba gave a talk about the farm to a wonderful group of ladies in Rockland, so it definitely feels like we’re coming out of hibernation!
The CSA is about half full, which is a little bit ahead of the curve.  So if you are still intending to sign up, now’s the time!  Also, if you’re paying in installments and it’s time for your second payment, here’s the link.  If you already paid in full, thank you!!
We’re getting so excited about the coming season!  Driving the car through the sleet yesterday, I heard Eli give a big sigh from the back seat.  “I can’t wait for the farm to be real again” he said. Though the livestock and the planning keep the farm very real for me on a daily basis, I knew exactly what he meant.
See you soon, and please be in touch with any questions or to say hi in the meantime!
~ Reba
Sign up for the CSA here:
Make a CSA payment (if it’s time for your second payment) here:

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