Summer CSA Week Fourteen

What confusing weather week for humans and plants alike! Some days it felt like fall, some days still like the peak of summer. Regardless, it’s time for the fall harvest of onions, shallots and winter squash to begin. And even though the tomatoes are slowing down, the broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and cabbage are coming along beautifully for the fall CSA. The plants would appreciate a good rain, of course, but the crops are looking remarkably good, considering how dry the soil is. I think I hear some thunder in the distance as I write this, so that is a hopeful sign. 

Remember to sign up for the Fall CSA if you’d like to continue your CSA share for six additional weeks beginning in early October. There’s a lot of food for us to harvest and share with you all! It will be a busy fall in many other ways, too, including a rebuild of our big Warren greenhouse so it can be in tip-top shape for next March’s seedlings.  

Today, when two out of our four apprentices asked “what again do you do with kohlrabi?” I remembered what an alien vegetable it appears at first. Think of it as a cross between a cucumber and an apple… or a big, round, sweet broccoli stalk. Peel it and shred it into a salad or slaw, or slice it thin and layer it in a sandwich. Or just peel and cut it into spears and dip it in dressing. It’s so crunchy and good! If you decide to chop it up and cook it until soft, it become almost sweet. We only give it once or twice in the CSA because we know that it confounds many folks, but we also have friends who would get it weekly if they could. Click here to see a picture of the kohlrabi harvest on Saturday. 

Last week was a chicken CSA week. If you missed getting your chicken share, please email me and we can make arrangements for you to get your bird.

Have a great week and enjoy your veggies!


Summer CSA Week 14 of 16:  Potatoes, Kohlrabi, Salad Mix, Swiss Chard, Big Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Zukes/Zephyr/Patty Pan Squash, Onions, Garlic, Hakurei Turnips, [Green Beans, Cilantro, Cucumbers]  

Summer Week Fourteen Add-ons: Mushrooms, Cheese, Milk, Fiore, Bread, Tofu  

This week’s recipes: Kohlrabi-Sesame Slaw, Turnip Greens, Warm Lentil and Potato Salad

Cheese CSA Week 14
Fiore Week 14