CSA Week 18

Today’s harvest lead right into a 14th birthday dinner for Eli, and by the time I sat down to write this newsletter my brain was a little more tired than usual. But I find myself thinking about how many members have been a part of the farm since the very first season of the CSA, when Eli was not yet one year old. Infant Eli was an integral part of the first CSA season — reminding us that, in fact, being hauled into the field was perhaps not the ideal babyhood. CJ probably would have acquiesced to fieldwork without a peep, but baby Eli let us know volubly when the bugs were present, the sun was hot, the wind was windy, or as soon as one of us dared engage with an activity other than singing silly songs. And now here we are, celebrating his birthday with a new Carhartt vest for him to wear during chores and his butchering mentor discussing cuts of pork over birthday cake. Logan Higger of Sowbelly Butchery is Eli’s mentor in the realm of pig raising and butchering, and if you want the best breakfast sandwich or incredible, creative artisanal sausages, check out his booth at the Thursday Rockland Farmer’s Market. He’s amazing and so are his products, and we’re so grateful that he’s taken Eli under his wing.

The 14th annual garlic-popping, cider-pressing CSA potluck will take place on Saturday, October 19th starting at noon! Bring a dish to share, apples if you want to press cider, a chair or blanket to sit, and your eager fingers to pop apart bulbs of garlic so that we can start planting the following week!

If you’re wondering what the knobby, bearded tangle of roots in your share this week is, it’s celeriac! Make celeriac fries or puree, or tuck it away in your fridge to use in a winter stew in place of celery. It may be strange-looking but it has many devoted fans!

Have a great week, please be in touch with any questions, and we’ll see you soon!

Reba and the HCF crew

CSA Vegetables Week 18: Arugula, Spinach/Lettuce Mix, Kale/Chard, Watermelon Radish, Parsley/Dill, Potatoes, Onion, Celeriac, Tomatoes (cherry/slicing), Garlic

Add-ons Week 18: Milk (if available), Cheese, Bread, Mushrooms, Oil & Vinegar

This week’s recipes: Beet, Barley, Arugula and Feta SaladEveryone’s Favorite Kale

Cheese Week 18